15 November 2009

Sally's sister

Remember Sally Spruce? She actually has a twin sister.
After Sally's make-over dear "sis" got a bit jealous. Everytime I walked by, she would "accidentally" push out a drawer, or grab my skirt with one of her little knobby hands.

Seeing things from her perspective, I had to admit she was right. So I got out the Carta Fiorentina, which I had been keeping for a while, and got to work.
As the design on the paper is handprinted, it is slightly irregular. This makes it all the more beautiful and charming in my eyes, but also a bit harder to work with. A lot of measuring and careful cutting was needed. But I got it sorted out, and here she is:

A bit old-fashioned, a dab of gold, the somewhat unusually coloured paper (I mean chocolate brown, orange, gold, baby blue, navy blue, turquoise. Who makes this up?), and a no-nonsense shape. I like her.

Now I'm back to doing some pre-pre-christmas crafting, writing up a free bag pattern for the site, and hoping to see that afternoon sun shining into the room again. Like it did when I took the picture above.


Fledgling said...

Stop. Just STOP! You make me feel SO inadequate ;-))

No, no...keep going and going and going... THIS is beautiful. Some Marrakech in Munich.



Claudia said...

Op die manier zou je elk oud kastje achter het behang moeten plakken. Heel erg mooi!
Lieve groeten, Claudia