2 November 2009

bit of a knit

I was sorting through the pile of gloves.

See if they still come in pairs, or if one or two of them secretly turned single between end of last winter and now. Check for holes, inexplicable stains (is that Gl├╝hwein?), and general malaise due to old age. Make mental note if any particular type for any member of the family is missing. The chilly-but-sunny weather-finger gloves, the special-occasion-suedes (OK, these are just for me), the gore tex mittens for minus degrees and a day on the slopes.

All there. So I got ready to close the drawer, but suddenly hear a soft: "Hi!".
I went: "Huhwhazzthat?", pulled it open again, and saw this one popping out:

Glove: "Remember us? We used to be the perfect match with that one shawl and the anthracite coat!?"

Me: "Eh...yes, that was, eh...help me out here...five years ago?"

Gloves (proud): "Eight. We're still there!"

Me: "Yes, I can see that. Still very yellow as well."

Gloves (ignoring my tactless remark): "No holes, see? No stains, no loops. Still spick and span. Perfect weather for us now as well. Chilly but not too cold".

Me: "Well,...you know, I'm still fine without gloves, actually."

Gloves (now whispering): "You don't want us anymore, do you? We're like the dark blue long coat with the shoulder pads. That funny pleated skirt. The chucks that always were a tad too small. We are...Outcasts. You can say it aloud."

Me (ashamed): "Rubbish. None of that. I'm gonna take you out of that drawer right now, do a little bit of colour treatment, knit a row or two, and you'll be ready to go out again in no time."

Gloves: "Yes!"
...then suddenly a bit hesitant: "But no cutting, right?"

Me: "Promised, hand on my heart. No cutting."

Easy to do, it's just a wristlet knitted to size with the right yarn (2,5 - sock yarn in chocolate brown and baby blue. A glove is a sock for your hand anyway, right?). Once you're ready, pull the wrislet over the original glove and secure with a few stitches. For the sizing: Do a test run to check the amount of stitches required (56 in my case) and knit that pattern loose, or you won't even get a Barbie's waist through anymore ;). But, unlike me, you probably know that already...


Nic said...

diana.... you're just AMAZING! :)
LOVE your story... LOVE your gloves-makeover!


Noni said...

Lovely glovey ^-^

Pomona said...

Wow - a wonderful transformation!

Pomona x