6 October 2009

A Theory

In former times, while men went out hunting for mammoth or sabertooth, women and children did less glamorous, but quite essential things to guarantee long term survival: They gathered.

Roots, herbs, berries, nuts, mushrooms…the whole lot. They collected, tested them, and prepared the useful stuff as food or for medicine.

So, even in case the men would come home exhausted, with no mammoth, sabertooth, turkey or even a rat dangling from their spears, the women would be perfectly all right.
They would nibble on a couple of sweet roasted chestnuts and stir a delicious pumpkin casserole, while indulging in a bit of gossip.

Men, being the way they are, would be very hungry, so a handful of chestnuts would not mean a thing. Luckily the women had developed a device that enabled them to gather and carry more than a handful. They called it a bag. That’s why women have bags and men are always hungry.

This is also, I’m convinced, why girls collect pretty leaves, hazelnuts and itty-bitty-tiny things during their lunch break at school, and boys throw stones and fight with sticks. Although some girls I know, do both (the collecting and the fighting/throwing).

Anyway: These are for Miss M. and Miss A. To stow away their yearly autumn collections. As I gather most of our food at the local farmer’s or super market, I had some spare time to add fiddles and bells from my own autumn collection. The bags are still prototypes but similar ones and/or their pattern will be for sale some time soon as well.


Anonymous said...

To all "Only-Girls-Mothers": Boys ARE able to do other things than that! :(

mooi hoor... said...

O dear - not that this is totally going into the wrong direction: Of course they can! I'm married to one, I have a brother, a dad, male friends, cousins, boys that come to visit and play with the girls...Don't forget: It's just me writing a silly story ;)


Pomona said...

You're not far wrong, Diana, and I have both! The boys certainly eat far more than the girls, and my husband is always asking me to put his wallet and phone in my bag! And I never thought I would say such things.

Pomona x

Claudia said...

Je hebt volkomen gelijk. Mannen begrijpen trouwens ├╝berhaupt niets van tassen (en vrouwen).In een stil hoekje van mijn werkkamer ligt al 4 weken een echte Hogan (koopje!)te wachten om voorgesteld te worden aan mijn lieve echtgenoot. Nog even het goede moment afwachten!
Groetjes, Claudia

Fledgling said...

DIANA! Your bench and dresser are featured on Apartment Therapy! You go!!


And Bloesem...



Mrs Gibson's Atelier said...

Lovely blog just stopping by to say hello!

suburban farm said...

Oh, this makes me want more bags, many more;)

Kristen said...

lovely bags... perfect for fall gatherings!