19 October 2009

hold it

Keep it, stack it, tape it, wrap it, sew it. Ready.

A refrained version of what could also be a burst of colour.

But I had that going on elsewhere.
If you don't have a collection of empty ribbon spools at hand like me, try it out with a thick poster-roll, which you can cut/seesaw into rings of different heights. I used 2mm felt to wrap the rings as that nicely rounds off the edges, but is still flexible and elastic enough to deal with the circular shape. The felt is then handstitched together inside the ring.


doris said...

Wow, thank you for this great idea - this really is very "mooi"! The combination with the simple white candles and jug looks very elegant. Congrats also to your great blog!

Cookie Queen said...

I just wanted to tell you that I love your blog, those candles are great, and so is your autumn banner! Keep it up!

Little Z said...

Wat een super idee!! Ik heb nog zo'n rol staan! En nog heel veel prachtig lint en stof ;)