14 October 2009

Getting warm

Snow today. And I didn't even have my autumn banner up yet! That's fixed now. Also fixed: My camera.
It dropped, when I was checking my blog stats earlier this week.

Oh yes, Nancy "warned" me all right ;), but still... a Bloesem and an Apartment Therapy posting can take you by surprise! A pleasant surprise of course - as seeing my striped bench on these blogs is a great compliment. Thank you Irene, and AT!

Well, in the mean time...the heating is on, knitting is out and the candles are up. I'm ready for some serious winter time here. Just need to get that new painting project off the balcony. Pronto.


Pomona said...

Well done for hitting the big time1 It has turned really chilly here, and the fire has been lit - and I should be knitting, not looking at blogs!!

Pomona x

Nic said...

congratulations, diana1 :)))

das ist großartig, ich freu mich für dich!


p.s. willst du mir der kommode nicht in serie gehen? wunderschön...