25 October 2009

Change of plan

Planned: Early rise, waving guests goodbye, do some crafting (I could really start liking early sunday mornings. The world is so peaceful and quiet).
Done: Early rise, waving guests goodbye, go back to sleep again.

Planned: An exhibition.
Done: Lake side. There was no line at the entrance. Who needs long lines and crowdy rooms on a mild autumn day.

Planned: Left-over dinner.
Done: Restaurant on the way home. We were just too hungry for left-overs.

Planned: Finish that last bit of home work in time for school tomorrow.
Done: Studying and determining Mr. Acronicta rumicis. Hope Mrs. T. doesn't notice.

The day took over, all by itself, and we just moved along...

1 comment:

Little Z said...

Maar dat kunnen juist de mooiste dagen zijn ;) Wat een prachtige foto's zeg! Vooral dat meer!!! (soms vraag ik me ernstig af wat ik nog in Nederland doe...)