8 September 2009

Inventory of Summer

* Plus 2 kilos. And I thought I only ate fruit(y-ish things). Djeez.

* Balcony: Succesfull Hollyhock and Hortensia blooming. Lavender dead.

* Financial status: Ruined. Shopping in Amsterdam, Munich and Paris.

* Health status: 4 colds (not the same person), 1 stitched forehead (Miss A.), egg-sized mosquito bites (Miss M.), 2 times funny spots (Miss A.), and a hypochondric attack after having a funny numbish leg for 1 day (me).

* Finished craft projects: zero.

* Bottles of white wine: Yes.

* Sun days: 50/50 I'd say. It feels that way.

* Accomplishments: Patiently playing "Knight Roderick with no Brains" in endless playmobil sessions, forget about work entirely, blowing up two children's lounge chairs, a matching side table, two beach balls and a children's paddling pool all in one session without fainting, wrote a column on web useability for Grace from Design Sponge (Go check out her great Biz Ladies Series, if you haven't seen it yet!).

* Forgotten items during travel: Just 1. (Now I read this, I think it can't be true. Just one/uno/één? Normally it's at least 5).

* State of the car after 2000 kilometres: Yuk, inside and out.

* What I learned: Saying goodbye, or even thinking it.


Pomona said...

Pretty good summer, I reckon! Only 4kg? Not bad at all!

Pomona x

disa said...
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