1 August 2009

"Corners of my home"

If you'd like to see how the tidy spots of my home look: Go here (Hi Olan, thanks again for your invite!).
The rest of it you can see below (note the bag with empty bottles...):

Miss M. cooked dinner you see, and it was very good. The table looked like a dream, and that's what counts, because after all: There's where we sit...(can you tell I'm not a friend of an open kitchen? ;))

This reminds me of some very good friends we have. Their house is open. There is always food. The kids can play, and run, and laugh, and hide in their bedrooms to put on make up.To top it off: They also have the sweetest little puppy! In the mean time the parents chat, laugh, eat...and in the end EVERYBODY has a good time. Always.

Life is doesn't have to be complicated, does it...?


Pomona said...

The simpler the better, I think!

Pomona x

Fledgling said...

Hello Diana!

Simple can be so hard, sometimes...

I cannot believe a missed the BENCH! Bravo! Stunning. Excellent choice of fabric. Good thing it is, in fact, a bench, to catch all the swooning admirers ;-)

Enjoy your lovely summer days.



Looks good. Did you have plastic egg on plastic toast? :o)


Elise said...

Hello, I'm leaving you a comment to say just what a beautiful blog you have here. Such fascinating and interesting posts. And your pictures... just perfect ! Thank you for sharing all this - and best wishes to you...