28 July 2009

Ten year tin

One day, about 15 years ago two dear friends brought me this tin.

It was shortly after I met my husband to be. Their comment that went with it was: „Because that‘s just you and P.“
Honestly. Friends.
I assure you, this is not the way we look.

But now, at our ten year anniversary, the tin is still there. It survived a couple of moves, is in daily use (as keeper of Maoams, chocolate beetles and Chupa Chups), the clouds don't blend out the moon, and the lid still fits.

Maybe that‘s what they meant...;)
On to the next ten years „mijn lief“!


Pomona said...

You're doing well - hang on to that tin, and keep it carefully!

Pomona x

blueberry said...

Congratulations! :)

Widge said...

I love that tin! I'm totally into tins :) Congratulations by the way!!