1 July 2009


Finally the home-improvement dust is clearing (I strongly recommend: do any stucco work before you move in). It was fun (sometimes). The parquet has a new scratch too (I've got no one else to blame but stupid me, trying to drag this ultraheavy, old SINGER sewing machine through the living room). We are out of money as well.

A huge plus of all this (apart from enjoying the results) is that I can officially announce that I've given up on the thought that we'll ever be ready. Being ready is beside the point of having your own apartment anyway isn't it? Being completely finished is boring. Tidy, glossy,clean but boring.

Having written this down (please remind me of this post, if I ever show signs of a relapse) makes me feel a lot better, and ready for the next round (like getting the 120 year old front door fire proof)... But now... I'm off, soaking up some sun!


Claudia said...

Ken je het nederlandse programma "help, mijn man is klusser"? Alle ellende wordt voor je opgelost....en het mooiste: die superknappe presentator! Een optie?
Groetjes, Claudia

Lady P said...

I really needed to be reminded of that myself here today - I am STILL rearranging and sewng and buying and just generally bettering my apt for over 2 years now - I guess I would rather have the flux of creative improvement than glossy ole boring anyday!!
love your blog - came over from Anairam - love that girl!