17 June 2009

tralalala, lala

See? Now she's come early after all: Summer. Who would have thought?
Sitting on my balcony with a bit of crafting, I suddenly noticed from the colours I was using, that my hands already arrived in the new season, while my brain was still fretting about dentists and painting the living room...

After that, the signs just kept coming:

Heard one of the boys downstairs practicing his clarinet through the open windows (the high notes are coming along fine these days ;)), noticed a sudden outburst of green flies on my hollyhocks (yugh!), smelled freshly mowed grass, and listened to the soft clatter of dishes near and far.

I swear I could even smell a hint of sunscreen in the air. Nice.

If she hasn't arrived at your place yet, and you're on the northern hemisphere: Won't be long. For sure.


macati said...

so so beautiful... it has been quite hot lately...

Mela said...

wow - so pretty!!
and she is definitely here where we live - 37° right now and there is no end in sight ;o)

doro K. said...

wahnsinnig schöne blumen!!!
die farben und details.

liebe grüße, doro.

Anairam said...

I'm glad you liked the view from my window! I do exactly that - spend days sitting on my sofa, just gazing out of that window ... dreaming ... No walks on the beach for me this week though - storms all week long, with tonight hurricane strength winds and a particularly high swell! Enjoy your summer - what lovely signs you have seen (and heard) that it has arrived!