25 June 2009

50-ies love

It's all about potential, right? And a bit of luck.
So when I saw this one standing outside in the rain, I didn't wait, but snapped it up immediately.

Lovely brownish. A couple of holes. PVC covering. Bit of sand. Nothing that couldn't be fixed.
I chartered my husband to drag the piece home with me (luckily enough just around the corner). Discovered the inside is actually from cedarwood (ideal for clothing/linen storage!) and happily started working on it. Et voila - a couple of weeks later:

Finished. Love this bench already.


Claudia said...

Wat mooi is ie geworden! Helaas kom je hier deze volgens mij echt "duitse" banken niet tegen. Ik was al van plan om vandaag naar de kringloopwinkel te gaan, nu krijg ik helemaal de kriebels!
Groeten, Claudia

nicolette said...

wow!!! what a great find! You turned it into a lovely piece of furniture!

Rooby Gloom said...

Sehr schön geworden!
Passt gut zu meinem Post
Seid nett zu Euren alten Sitzmöbeln!
Liebe Grüße

blueberry said...

What a change! It's lovely... Congratulations :)


Anairam said...

Wow! When I saw the first picture, I thought: oh, no! But what a wonderful, beautiful piece you turned it into - you definitely have an eye for spotting potential, and that is a rare gift!

macati said...

love love love!!!!
you should be proud of yourself, girl!

Lady P said...


Tiger said...

It's so beautiful! I'm amazed!

Vintage+Chic said...

That's a makeover! Grüsse aus Spanien!

Jennifer said...

Would love to know how you went about it and the type of fabric, glueing process etc. I would like to add it as a DIY post. It looks fantastic.

Anonymous said...
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