6 May 2009


This year, May promised to get busier than ever.

So we thought it would be a good thing to take a short break right at the start.

Get into our old, dusty hiking boots and up, up those mountains. Through the last patches of snow, the woods and meadows. Miss M collecting "gemstones" and climbing every rock in sight. Miss A. giving instructions and requesting stories about wicked witches and insatiable dragons. Mostly from the safe comfort of my back.


Taking in views. Near and far.

Wait for the deer to come out at dusk.
Sleep under red gingham.

Thank you Monika and Andreas for a lovely weekend in Süd-Tirol, yet again.
Suddenly May doesn't seem so busy anymore.


Anonymous said...

Oh, alleen die plaatjes van de bergen al! Wij hebben gezeild in Friesland. Ook mooi! Groet, Claudia

nicolette said...

Beautiful pictures!! It’s good to take a break every once and awhile!

Fledgling said...

Oh! A hike and a mountain and a view and a big ole hunk of Speck and a beer. Yes, please!

Anonymous said...
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