13 May 2009

May - part two

So after that beautiful, relaxing weekend, I hid myself behind my Laptop, to clean up my virtual house. Break down some walls, built an extra (sun-)room and give it all a bit of new paint.

I do have a love-hate relationship with my architects (read Website/Photomanagement/Shop tools). But things seem to work all right now - and the "saved" flowers below, from Miss M, kept me smiling everytime I peeked over from behind my work.

I had to do that bit of renovation, as I'm embarking on a new adventure with Ribbons and Crafts. Something I actually had in mind long ago. But things need some time, don't they? Of course I'll keep the ribbons going, but I'm finally making some progress on getting the "Crafts" bit up as well. With the help of this nice and talented designer, whom I got to know via this great shop.

A small, first step, with more to follow!

If you decide to drop by, let me know about mistakes or errors you see/experience. So I can beat up my Shop system and Sharepoint Designer for it ;)

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