20 May 2009

It's all about keeping measure...

Being a Dutch child of the seventies I grew up with orange (Oh how I loved that little summer coat I had with yellow and orange stripes!).

Although Dutch people are a bunch of headstrong individuals, and too many group activities give us a headache, there are a couple of things that never fail to pull us together.

One of these things is our Royal House of Orange. One other thing is football (soccer). A third thing is a good party. Combine these three bits and you have a country going crazy. In years of big, international football-tournaments all things orange are sold out everywhere else in the world. They are all chanelled to Holland. Foodstores carry orange food, streets are being painted orange, and it's a sport to design a yet funnier, and more over-the-top hat/outfit each time again.

Taken this into account, I was enjoying my relatively orange-less years here in Munich. An overdose on orange is possible after all.
However while making some pictures for today's colour-week post, I noticed I'm opening up to this colour again. I started noticing those little blobs of orange happiness spread through my day:

"Earl Grey's" orange and grey. One of my favorite colour combinations these days. And in my crafting, more and more often, orange suddenly pops up:

Welcome back to you!
P.S.Before miss Yellow goes sour: I would have loved to share a picture with you of that supermarket cart at the turkish grocery store today. Laden high with nothing but lemons. Alas, I left the house without my camera. It won't happen again (at least not this week).
P.S 2: Don't miss out on other colour-goodness via Lisa!


Nic said...

hey, diana.... was für ein spaß, dass du mitmachst!

ganz schön dezent dein orange.... für ein "dutch girl"! *lach*

herzliche grüße!

Anairam said...

I love the heart! Did you make it yourself? Mooie blog, hoor!

Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

Oh, I love the orange and pink combo! So cheery and bright.

... and with a cup of Earl Grey - perfect.

Chris said...

Great oranges, and I love the little back story behind the Dutch and their love of orange :)

Anonymous said...

these are all so great! i love earl grey, i could do with a cuppa right now!

szivárványos said...

i loove your yellows! how colorful they are!
thank you;)

kendalee said...

Great story! And I love your hot orange and pink combo - beautiful!

parisa mahmoudi said...

I really like that package of Earl Grey tea!!!Nice!