15 May 2009

I fell for it immediately...

...so, I bought Pia's book.

It's worth it.
During the past days, I flipped through, whenever time allowed, and ideas and inspiration are already finding their way into fabric.

Now, as the weekend has started, I'll take some time, sit down with a glass of wine (thanks to that tiny old cellar of ours, and my wizzard-husband making the most of it), and look. Read. Instead of picking up a page here and there.

I truly admire those "artesans": The way they live their craft.
I know that nothing comes easy. All these professions have their chores, their difficulties, but seeing creativity taking shape, and skill mastering the material in such a refined way, is truly inspiring. For that reason, I think these things of beauty will allways survive.

And Pia, with love and attention to detail, has shown us again why.

I look forward to the Amsterdam, Berlin, Dublin, Munich, Florence, Vancouver and of course: Sydney version (to name just a few)!

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