19 May 2009

Full House

The balcony serves as temporary storage for some furniture projects.

My "office" is strewn with bits of fabric, ribbon and felt for a good 10 works-in-progress. I'm doing all the actual sewing in the kitchen these days.

Our bedroom doubles as laundry room.
Our dining room holds a couple of big size boxes-turned-into-playhouse-city by the girls. I don't dare to get them out of the way (the boxes that is, not the girls).
Our living room....well...it's all going to be better when the new couch comes...

Because then the old one goes, and the sideboard moves to the dining room, and the buffet to the hallway, and the indonesian bench goes from the hallway to...uhm. Actually. Where to?

Perfect time for a welcome distraction I'd say. So I'm throwing in a colour week (picked up via Nic). I already missed blue Monday, and am almost too late for green Tuesday. Therefore I'm smuggling a bit, and get the blues and greens out in one go:

....Serene, little corner of balcony (in comparison at least).

...little, felt flower. One of that bunch I made a while ago.

...My favorite paper goods store. From a little story on Munich I made last year for Bloesems World Tour.

See you tomorrow with some yellow/orange. And I'll tackle that balcony. After all the weather IS fabulous over here. We need a place to sit in the sun!


curious girl (lisa) said...

lovely peeks of blue and green!

kendalee said...

Oh, those bolts of fabric are just gorgeous. And I love the felt flower. Beautiful blues and greens!

Kamana said...

i love the felt flower! really neat!

nicolette said...

Your pictures of Bloesem’s world tour are amazing! Love these one too. I’m a fan of those colour themed posts!!

Chris said...

Pretty, pretty colors. Great photos!

Ross said...

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