22 April 2009


I tried out something new. New to me that is. This normally requires some incubation time. About a year or two. In general.

So, two years ago I bought a book called "Ornaments". I loved it, and marked all the pages I should absolutely not forget about. Right after that I worked on the psychologic part of the "ornament project", as there were:

- The clumsy-kicker syndrom: Last time I painted a piece of furniture, the neighbours downstairs had to brush the red stains of their brand new travertin-terrace. On their knees. (Yes I offered to clean up the mess myself. Of course I did. They didn't want me in their house.)
- The perfection-panic. (Say no more. I know I'm not the only one).
- Laziness.

Today I can announce that I did overcome all these hurdles. So the project is actually already a success, regardless of the actual outcome.
But I'll show you the result anyway - after having spent so many words on it (and hours).

There is not a straight line in it, but that's the charm of hand-painted, I guess (hmmm...maybe I should work on that perfection panic again...).

I might actually do this kind of thing again, when the muscular function of my left hand is back to normal. The girls still need a matching chair to go with their drawing table...
P.S: Thanks Nicolette! Unfortunately the boxes are not from my hand - only the table. I tried boxes before (nice small projects) but that somehow never worked out. Big and flat is better!
P.P.S: Hier ist auch was im Entstehen: Da freue ich mich schon mal drauf zu sehen was in der Schaubude gezaubert wird!


nicolette said...

Wow, don’t you regret you waited for two years to give it a try? It’s gorgeous!!!
The boxes and the drawing-table! Absolutely amazing!

Fledgling said...

No false modesty! Just a delight, dear Diana!

I think I detect a subconscious nod to the Delft pottery oxide glazes that must be running in your blue Dutch veins, perchance? I do so love blue, too.

Lovely, lovely.