20 April 2009

1 Euro window sill

Spring colours - most of them found in the 1 Euro boxes at the flea-market this weekend. From an utility point of view all utterly useless. The vase? So tiny it won't hold more than 3 daisies. The bird will hold approximately 4 daisies. The flower holds nothing (Well...2 incense sticks. I don't like incense too much). The pot on the right was a hand me down and holds an orchid. As long as it lives.

Never scorn the 1 Euro box. I also found a beautiful hand-made shaker box and a fifites children's book. Very useful, indeed!

I'm off - I have some daisies to pick! 7 will do.

1 comment:

Allison said...

Very sweet collection and the price makes it ever sweeter. Grüße aus dem Norden.