17 February 2009

We're back

Far horizons indeed. Six weeks of travelling. Though 6 weeks is not much, when it comes to exploring a whole continent, Australia is no longer a stranger to us.

Of course we didn't miss out on some spectacular sights, or on the bush, the pristine beaches, wild life and the amazing flora. But there was so much more than that. Bill's Australia of cattle farms, Peter's Australia of sapphire mining, Judy's Australia of typically English traditions. Eric's Australia and how he masters the split between living in a white settler's world and at the same time being a member of one of the world's oldest cultures with an entirely different approach to life and spirituality.

Then there were the (in my eyes) typical Australian things like the "Road Trains", the omnipresent pokies, the beautiful murals and hand painted shop signs in the province towns (no matter how simple the shop: a handpainted sign is a must!), the letterboxes (no really – there are no limits when it comes to designing you own letter box), waking up with the kookaburra laughing in your ears, the award winning "Tidy Towns" we drove through (this one made me smile. In Germany all towns are tidy. But then again…there isn't as much dust over here...is there ??? ;), the modern architectural beauties in the rich suburbs, and the small farms and businesses in the outback trying to carve out a living.

One thing is for sure: Australia won me over. Because it’s real. What you see is always what you get. Because of its immensely inspiring nature and aboriginal tradition. Because of the will, creativity and endurance of people to make their own luck and settle on a new horizon. See you again Australia!


doro K. said...

ah, da bist du ja endlich wieder. dein blog stand so lange still.

aber bei diesem tollen grund, kein wunder.
ich hoffe, ihr gewöhnt euch schnell wieder hier ein.
und zehrt noch ganz lange von euren schönen erlebnissen und eindrücken.

liebe grüße, doro.

Die Schaubude said...

Hallo zurück...hatte dich schon vermisst ;)

Chris said...

Schön das Du gesund und munter zurück bist :O))

LG, Chris

Andrea said...

what a beautiful love-letter to Australia!
I can just see all those pictures in front of me now :o)
xoxo Andrea