22 February 2009

Catching up

So, if I looked forward to a slow and easy start of normal life again, that hopeful expectation died about 30 minutes after having arrived home. To be more precise: It crumbled at the moment I entered the bathroom, as there was just a teeny weeny bit MORE water than what would be considered normal.

We had a leak. Actually our neighbours had a leak, and we got the water. So now we have a giant "blow dryer" installed to get things tidied up again and we shower at chilly temperatures, as the window needs to be open (because of that giant blow dryer). I've been told it's good for the skin. Something like rubbing your face with fresh snow.

On the other hand, I really have no time to be bothered about it too much, as a photo shoot in this month's "Living at Home" (a German life-style mag) got my shop buzzing (thank you all!), and I have some new ribbon waiting to be added to the site. I already played around with my favorite pieces: Laura's beautiful Samarkand design. A little dress up for these two old fashioned milk bottles. Just because I couldn't resist the colour combination.
I think they'll end up on my desk filled with some fresh spring flowers...


doro K. said...

ich gratuliere dir!
habe gerade deine bänder in der living at home entdeckt. ich wußte, die können nur aus deinem shop sein. das freutz mich sehr. und die bilder sind einfach toll geworden. sie wecken begehrlichkeiten!

alles liebe für dich...und schnell wieder eine trockne wohnung.


Fledgling said...


Welcome back! I'm looking forward to seeing and reading about your down under adventures.

Congratulations on the mention in a magazine! I'm not sure if I'm right, but I'm hoping that something really good speaks for itself and will naturally receive the attention it deserves.

Nothing like a plumbing emergency to bring back to real life.

Have a great day,