28 December 2008

shortest day, longest day, last day of the year

21st of December.

Dawn makes no effort to really become a day, but after stretching over hours of grey, slowly turns into an early dusk instead. Bayern, Hessen, Rheinland-Pfalz, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Netherlands...on the other side of a long 8 hours drive, we find home again. To celebrate a wonderful Christmas.

All my Christmas pictures turned out blurred. Apart from the one on which my husband proves to be Jude Law's older brother. But I get no permission to post that. It might have been the Sauternes and all the goodness that followed during the Christmas dinner, the mock-up karate I still play with my brother (after all these years...), silly giggles with the girls, that last piece of meringue pie, which made me unable to move for a while. The constant drizzle (honestly, what's wrong with some SNOW over Christmas now and then ???).

I hope you all had a fabulous time yourselves with family, friends, loved ones and I wish you all something (or rather: A lot!) to look forward to in 2009. Let it's 365 brand new days be good, beautiful, easy-going and surprising!

I'll take a blog break for a couple of weeks - maybe just a quick post here and there - we'll see! But I'll be back again. Take care!


david santos said...


Happy New Year...

Mela said...

enjoy your brake :o)
and have a very happy new year!!!

Nic said...

happy new year, diana!

may there be many happy moments waiting for you an your family in 2009!


p.s. tell your husband he's a wet blanket! :oD