3 December 2008


Hmmm yes about this year's advent calendar. 24 little origami baskets.
I can only recommend it. You cannot do it quickly - there's no way. but "quick" defies the purpose, it's more quiet fun and anticipation. Like Nic's colourful shoes for example.
And then there's filling them up. And going out to the park to find a branch big enough, so it can hold them all (Bit of climbing and branch fishing involved here - Of course I didn't rip it off a tree. It was all legally found "thrift wood", on the other side of a fence).

Have a wonderful advent time!


Die Schaubude said...

Ist das schön ! lg Tanja

rike said...

origami. advents kalender.
traditionen. vermischt.

multi kulturelle spiritelle zeit.
kleine taschen. aus papier.

oh! so funny. bags.

und: traumhafte bilder.


Kristen said...

just gorgeous & a lovely idea