16 December 2008

24 little hours.

How do you keep your young kids happy during a 24 hour flight? As far as Miss M. goes, it seems we'll be allright: She just discovered UNO...

...and has become an avid player, who will not be satisfied by playing just one game. Or two. Or three. And as the cardbox accidentally didn't survive the unpacking, we urgently needed some special, custom-made-UNO-game-holder. Keeps things tidy and under control.

Now...this only leaves Miss A's entertainment to be sorted out, which is, of course, a bit more tricky.
I'm sure she would love to run up and down the aisle, head-set around her neck like a torque, a blanket flapping behind her, and drumming against her food tablet shield while she shouts: "I'm a pirate! Oh no, no, wait: I'm a dangerous knight and I'm gonna chop off your head!".

I suppose she could sit with the pilots and fly the plane. That will keep her occupied, but, eventually, will have us dipping into the Indian Ocean. So....apart from the shipload of books, playmobil and drawing utensils, we'll be relying heavily on our "Inflight Entertainment Programme". Further tips and tricks are welcome!


Meninheira said...

It's very, very beautiful!!
I love it!! :)

Nic said...

seid ihr schon unterwegs?

ich w├╝nsche euch eine tolle zeit... frohe weihnachten... und ein gl├╝ckliches neues jahr!

take care!

Fledgling said...

Hello Diana!

My travel tips: Purchase VERY inexpensive little toys (you know the ones, cheap, plastic, pink ... the ones you'd eschew under ANY other circumstances? These are extreme circumstances, so "vacation rules" apply) and then GIFT WRAP them. And use as bribes as necessary. Unpacking the surprise is half the fun on the flight. Because they are inexpensive, there's no great loss if they roll from 6-A to somewhere 20-E...in fact, you might welcome their loss...

"Find It" has diverted attention when necessary, as well. Good for all ages:

All the best to you and yours and a wonderful new year, dear Diana!


Kristen said...

so sorry to comment too late to help this time but for your next trip a favorite of ours is a roll of tin foil - the kids create all sorts of goodies - armor, animals, balls, money for pretend games, food...the list is as long as their imgaination!