27 November 2008


I know I pushed it a bit far, when I made up this mosaic game for my site. I thought it wasn't that hard - but then again, I see that ribbon every day. It sits in a biiiiig cupboard in my office space. I have put them all, one by one, into my shop system. I cut, wind and package them up on a daily basis.

For all other people it's just a huge pile of ribbons, and to sort that mosaic out is well...eh...time consuming. Uli did however, and she did it well and scooped away her 30,- Euros coupon. And, as she probably knows them all in the mean time, she was quick in spending it as well! So Uli, soon your ribbons will be on their way to Düren. Wish you a lot of fun in putting them to use in your craft projects!

To everyone who joined: Thank you for your enthousiasm - I'll have some Advent specials coming up soon as a small consolation.

On another note: Today I finished up some Christmas crafting.

I'm a bit of a headless chicken at the moment running between birthdays, holiday preparation, shop provider desasters and thinking up Christmas stuff - so things have to be quick and easy. Like these decoration bands for glass jars. The "dressed up" jars can be filled with homemade cookies (in my case: Better not) or chocolate truffles (In my case: When they survive the transfer between their original packaging and the jar), or...if I'd have 24 of them - they would make the perfect advent calendar.

Talking of which, I'll show you mine as soon as it's ready (and that has to be SOON). The best part is, that making it has a meditative effect. Just what I need right now...! I wish you all a happy first Advent!


Fledgling said...

Hello Diana!

Running a business, taking care of the family, keeping the house in order, picking up any and all "extra" life activities, like holiday decorations...a meditative process in some of all of that is a godsend, I think.

Beautiful Advent, Diana!


Uli said...

Hallo Diana ,
leider ist mein English mehr als mieserabel ..... aber das da mein Name als Gewinner steht,das hab ich verstanden ;-). Die Bänder sind gestern angekommen und wuuuunderschööööön *schwärm* . Ein ganz liebes Danke für den tollen Gewinn und eine schöne Advents und Weihnachtszeit .