7 November 2008

A party never comes alone...

I intended to post a bit earlier this week, but the days were filled with celebration and party preparations. Not a bad thing, huh?

1. A little private party for my Miss M. (to be followed by a whirlwind of 4 to 7 years old later this weekend). Kiss for you my sweetest! 6 already!

2. An excited Hooray! For the election of an inspiring, intelligent, and I believe, sincere man, who won't be able to solve all problems, but who brings about a spirit of change, and hopefully a connection again with reality and the world. Because of this, and because of what Nancy
said about it, I saw where I personally was wrong. I was wrong in almost giving up an entire continent. In shaking my head for years in disbelief at the constant stream of news on war, corruption, illness and poverty in many African countries. So I registered here. All hope starts with giving children a home and an education. To make them strong and rooted in their believe that they can bring about change for their own countries.

3. Working my keyboard until the wee hours to get my site prepared for its own party. Who would have thought! A year already! Some bumps in the road, a panick attack here and there, some dancing around the room for joy (first order, first magazine appearance, first of everything!). Lots of work. I'm proud. These kind of scenes seem to be lie far behind me:

About this picture: I took it at my last job. What makes me chuckle most (apart from that big, big piece of egg nogg chocolate) is, that I was actually taking playmobil with me to my WORK, calmly set up this little scene on my desk, tweaked it and then jumped around it to take pictures....and nobody even noticed. That's how it was over there...nobody noticed anything about anybody.

So...back to the Ribbon party: I tweaked the site a bit and added a news page (in german and english of course), put on a little game for you where you can win 30,- Euros worth of ribbon, prepared a thank you to all my first year's customers to look for in their emailbox, and have some more stuff for you later this month! You know where to find it all, if you're interested!

I can only recommend to put in a week of celebration now and then! Makes you a bit tired but happy and inspired.

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