29 October 2008

Promises, promises

It's time. I need to catch up with some promises I made here.

It's always a bit tricky to announce something in public. On one hand it's good to have that extra motivation. Especially when there is no one else around to check if you really do what you said, thought or dreamed up you'd be doing. On the other hand: If you don't stick to it, you'll end up getting that particular LOOK whenever you promise something. Nobody wants the LOOK. Even worse is this look paired with "humhmmm, sure". The worst however is the look together with a trembling little children's voice saying:"...but you promised...". But, that's another story all together.

Back to my promises here...

1. The felt flower. Remember this post? It was in July. Ouch. But I didn't forget, and the flower+ribbon is on it's way to Mela Mama.

2. The Moo Card Holder out of this post...It's on its way as well, to keep someone's Moo cards warm and dry.

3. The tutorial, if you'd be interested, can be found right here. In English and German.

I think I have it all now. I hope.
And as it all worked out fine, I think I'll go for the next round of promises as well (feeling some bravery and self confidence coming up here): Soon my one woman venture "Ribbons and Crafts" turns one. That should be celebrated, don't you think? So, consider yourself invited for next week.
Place: Right here and at the Ribbons and Crafts store.
Time: Anytime is fine. Multiple visits are recommended so you won't miss out on anything.
Dress Code: Easygoing web surfer gear would be perfect.

See you then!


Die Schaubude said...

Eine wunderschöne Aufbewahrung....;) ich muß mir unbedingt auch welche zulegen ;) lg Tanja

bloger said...

Thanks for sharing, a nice simple idea and your photos provide an excellent description of the construction. Now I use handle less pots but this concept would work there as well, need to experiment.