10 October 2008

do you "moo"?

I do.

So, I always have a stack in my wallet, which makes the wallet too thick. Or, alternatively, in the side pocket of my bag, which damages the cards' edges, because they move around too much in there - as a result of my brisk walk and my constant bag swinging while I close children's shoes, drag groceries around, push tricycles and pick up glossy chestnuts (poor, poor me - see, how I cunningly weave in some whining?). God, what a sentence...are you still there?

But...all is solved and...as I owe somebody a "thank you": Somebody else's moos will be safe as well...(see a sneak preview below), and...as I'm satisfied with the outcome of it all, I'm writing a small and simple tutorial, which I'll post soon.

"Have a nice weekend!", says the queen of writing style!

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