21 October 2008

Colour of Crafting

I love pure and simple. I admire a design that focuses on form, makes use of natural materials with colours from a natural palette. The simplicity and airiness of creations like that are so soothing and crisp.

Why is it then, than everytime I'm diving into my Crafty Closet the end result is always a burst of colour? I start out with a simple white linen and "swoosh!", the craft-blender pops out hot pink (how's that for natural?), adorned with ribbons, buttons and what not.

So, that's what it has become again: Pink and green and orange and blue and brown for a stack of felt & ribbon "winter" bracelets. Honestly, I had a pale green and icy blue in my head for these... Is it a matter of "You make what you are?" In that case, what would these tell you about me? ;)

Oh, and I added a blue flower on top. (The pink one is a bit older already.)

Technicolour is just stronger than I am.

You can now go have a look at Rike's gorgeous fotos and reduced (but rich) text on Rosa P. or go to Pia Jane's to get a share of music for eye and ear. I updated my blog roll a bit today to help you find these pure aesthetics - if you don't know them yet-...it always helps my eyes to calm down a bit!


Fledgling said...

Neutrals emphasize light and form and texture and those are things for the intellect. For the mind.

But color is impulse. And risk. And adrenaline. And love. And hate. And joy. It is the heart. It distracts, but there must be something in us that wants and needs distraction. Keeps us on our toes. Alive.

Myself, in the battle of the heart and the mind, my heart usually wins.


Ironic: My Blogger word verification is "verreful", which would sort of translate to "glass-ful", right? Sort of the opposite of "color-ful"? I think it's funny...

Ninik said...

Tolle Farben!

Gruss aus Mexiko!