1 September 2008

We had a great holiday.

Saw lots of castles. Had a bit of rain (we went to Holland, what can you expect...). Left some money at the HEMA and did a shopping tour in Amsterdam (for details see Nic's Amsterdam Report. As I happened to visit many of the same shops, I couldn't do it any better ;). Gave in to my craving for cinnamon sticks (I had to return to the HEMA twice for this). Got together with many friends and family members. Contemplated moving in with Joost and Corine in Zaltbommel as they have the most incredible, incredible Dutch merchantshouse: a sea of light, ornamented ceilings, old marble floors, sliding doors...the whole lot (well done you two!). Had my dose of "Pannekoeken" and "Chinees" and enjoyed a bit of olympics on Dutch TV (Dutch Womans Fieldhockey Team, is all I say...)

In three words: It was great!

To top it all off, on returning home, I found a surprise package from Pimpinellahausen. Sweet thoughtful presents! Thank you so much Nic - your ribbons and Paumes book on Paris are the icing on the cake and a full hit! I already have something in mind to put that matryoschka ribbon to good use!

All in all...I'm rested and ready!

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Ninik said...

Ich liebe Amsterdam... und holländische Pommes. Mmmhhh.