17 September 2008

Silly Crafting

Time for a bit of crafting again - 'cOZ after all, I have Nic's pretty ribbon lying around!...and as I always think ahead, (read: do whatever I feel like, hoping one day it will be in season, in fashion or in use) I made a cover for my sunglasses.

Now you laugh. I hear you. A sunglass cover.
But...don't laugh too soon, because this winter, with a bit of luck, I am going to see a lot more sun than usual...I'll be frolicking on beaches and camping in deserts, dancing with kangas and eating the freshest possible sushi. Overhere:

See? Not so silly after all...Unless, of course, I forget to take it with me, which is quite possible. I think I'd better start making a list.


lissilulu said...

your sunglass case is ADORABLE!
love the colors and design :o)

rike said...

ich bin sicher. du wirst es nicht vergessen! denn ein austalischer sommer ohne sonnenbrille...
wunderschön geworden.
und gegen den strom zu schwimmen: ist immer gut. in jeder hinsicht.