25 September 2008

Random Week

No good this week. Almost over. Thank God.

Monday: Messy admin stuff for the house. Coordination trouble. Chase people. Get "I told you so face" from the husband.

Tuesday part 1: I run errands. Cycle across town at Dutch speed (say 15 Km/H), you know: Just trying to get from "a" to "b" and back in time for groceries and kids and Tuesday part 2. So, I cycle at crisp and energetic speed. Comes a car that wants to turn right (I'm still heading straight minding my own business). Apparently driver has eyes closed or dreams of George Clooney/Mrs "Spooky" Palin (sorry, I just don't get her)/"Deutschland sucht den Superstar" or apple pie and forgets to open said eyes. I yell: "Aaarghghghg" and hit the bonnet.
So far so good - no blood in sight, no funny twisted legs or anything. Woman gets out of the car and says: (now this is true, I swear it) YOU SHOULDN'T CYCLE SO FAST!
....How about you looking over your shoulder when turning right? Just sayin'.

Tuesday part 2: Still made it in time for all the other stuff and am standing in line with 2 kids at the Dutch Consulate for 2 new passports at 15:58 sharp. Everything under control: They are only open on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 15:58 and 16:00. All the forms and papers are there.
Alas, me twit, I should have known: "The face of your daughter on the picture should be 16mm wide. Not 15 but 16mm. And you Mrs. D.J.E. v. H. should have two ears". Go back to photographer and pay 40,- Euros and come back Thursday. 15:58 sharp.

Tuesday was a long day.

Wednesday: Hooray all is good. Some muscle ache in my arms (took me a while to realize this was probably caused by me hugging that car yesterday). Go to photographer. Kids seemed to have caught a severe case of Mama-virus. I'm the only one existing at the moment. For everything. And nobody seems to need any ribbon this week or last week. Fine.

Thursday: Hop over to Customs office. Find that one of the ordered ribbon spools has a couple of breaks. Of course the one a customer is desperately waiting for, to get more than 10 metres of, preferably in one piece. Do damage control.
At 15:58 say "hi" to the nice guy at the Consulate. Daughter refuses to confirm I'm her mother (I thought I was the only one existing these days?) and has acute amnesia when asked about the name of her father. Still, after an awkward silence and lifted brows the stuff gets done.

Tomorrow: only God knows what tomorrow will bring. It looks good though, as I expect my brother to come over for the weekend, which is fun and we all look forward seeing him again. And I'll squeeze myself into my dirndl and shake up the Oktoberfest on Saturday. Hmmm. I'll let you know how things went...have a nice weekend!


Fledgling said...


I'm glad to hear the run in with that car wasn't worse! Phew. "You shouldn't have been riding so fast"? Hello? Take care.

The other stuff? I'm sorry: It's actually kind of funny ;-) 2 minutes, 2 little girls, two ears not showing, one millimeter to small? Don't sweat it.

But do we the same Zodiac sign, or something? Today, I did everything wrong. Dropped plates full of food. Took daughter to wrong bowling alley for a party. Pulled white undershirt from shelf instead of white soccer shorts for daughter to change into for the soccer game immediately following party. I "glared" at referee for a crazy call, resulting in Jack's team losing Sportsmanship points (for GLARING? I didn't even raise an eyebrow! I must remember sunglasses). And my "glaring" might have been partial impetus behind Jack's yellow card. A yellow card for--I'm not sure really. No pushing, no tackling, no interfering...Maybe "glaring" while playing.

But you know what? If this is a bad day, this is a pretty good bad day. We all have them, and I'll take this one. I'll take this one and a chilled chablis ;-)

Have a GREAT day tomorrow. And the next day!


Die Schaubude said...

Hallo! Ich habe eure Bänder entdeckt ...wunderwunderschön ...da werde ich demnächst einmal zuschlagen .....liebe Grüeß Tanja

Die Schaubude said...

Hallo! Ich habe eure Bänder entdeckt ...wunderwunderschön ...da werde ich demnächst einmal zuschlagen .....liebe Grüeß Tanja