28 July 2008


Something small, to cheer up...well...pretty much everything.

I spotted some felt in my favorite craft supply shop (I really shouldn't go there too often). Loved the colours, so I spent some money, got home and started cutting out small pieces ending up with a doodle.

I made one, then another one, tweaked the design and thought of a way to be able to attach them to something. Then I made a couple more...hearing myself mumbling "OK, just one, with purple and orange. Oh, and one with green and ice blue, or...maybe hot pink and yellow..."

Then my husband came in asking me: "What are you making?"
He seemed a little disappointed when it didn't turn out to be a new car, a microscope or a digital camera. So his next comment was (imagine a somewhat UNSERIOUS tone of voice here): "...but what will you use it for?"

For husbands, obvious things like where to use small handmade felt flowers for, are often not so obvious. To give him an idea (he might want to learn...always leave that possibility open), I have put them on as a brooch, decorated a belt, used them for gift packaging, as a serviette holder, stuck them on a couple of leafless branches, used one to keep a scarf in place, all combined with some of my doublesided satin ribbon.

I also used one to bring a message across in a friendly manner.

So - I think/hope/am pretty sure that answers the question. Of course these "millefleurs" can never compete with a new climbing set or gadgetty electronic stuff. But they are easier to handle, nicer to make and look prettier. If you ask me.

P.S.: I have a ton of them, so if you'd like one let me know. Just leave a comment with how you would put them to use and I'll pick the funniest/most original/best idea (in my completely subjective eyes) and send the "winner" one (let me know which colours you like in general and I'll start digging into my pile). Oh yes, I'll include a meter of matching doublesided satin ribbon as well!


Natasha said...

They are beautiful. Sounds like my husband. When I make a quilt his first question is usually wehat is it going to be used for? I love them on the branches. What would I use mine for - as a brooch to mark which breast I used for breastfeeding!

belleandboo said...

They are SO pretty especially attached to the branches, I wouldwear mine in my hair, to my friends wedding in a few weeks

Mela said...

ohh they are wonderful!!
i have to say the same as the other two, they look so beautiful, especially on the branches.
since i love big rings i would put a flower on my finger.

Nic said...

i love them on the braches, too! ...so beautiful!


Lisa said...

Great project and oh-so versatile. I love the fun colors too.

Dibabo said...


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