1 July 2008


...is it really July already?

In that case:
...The seeds that haven't been planted yet won't see the soil this year,
...The season tickets that haven't been bought will stay un-issued,
...The longest day lies well behind us,

which leaves me with all the other things to enjoy,
as the summer has only just started, really.

And this season is high on inspiration (like Erin's Mankind Mag), travel ideas (Bloesem's World Tour), long evenings on our loggia, some salty seawind later on in summer and a crafty try out here and there, for instance Nancy's "Feliz" and my own doodles...(more about that later)...

...and I might, just for old-times-sake, I mean, I could go and check out the Bangles!

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design for mankind. said...

Oh woww--- thank you SO SO MUCH :)