22 June 2008

100 posts

...and I'm procrastinating. Carried away by the gentle swing of the hammock. Looking out into the blue sky with baby clouds up high.

I took me a while to get here, slow paced, meandering, but now, suddenly, I arrived at this point of "100 posts". And that reflects what this blog has become for me: a journey in a true sense, and this 100th post being a small stop on the way.

I'm holding in for a moment and think of how I jumped on the bus. About the first person who said "Hi!" (that was you Diba, and I am still always happy to hear your "voice"). Nancy, the girl that came and sat next to me (maybe because it happened to be the only free spot ;), and I looked like I had Marzipan with me), and who turned out to be interesting, fun and lovely company, the sweet words and encouragement of Nic, Lisette and many others.

Its a journey that makes me more conscious of all the small wonders of this world and in my life, a journey during which this space becomes more me and less "look-at-me-blogging", a journey that brings much joy and inspiration. As long as it stays that way, I'll be following the path. So, now I'm off again, curious to see what the next sign will say...


suchthings.ca said...

Blogging really is a great journey!

nicolette said...

Happy 100 posts! Blogging is fun, addictive and amazing. All my non-blogging friends don’t get it!

Fledgling said...

Keep on keeping on!

My intentions were never marzipan-based! I'd show up without marzipan promises implied or otherwise ;-) But I also won't refuse marzipan...

How else but through blogging can you say what you want to say and maybe, just maybe find a sympathico stranger like yourself who will actually indulge you and play along ;-)



Jill said...

Hi! Just found your blog while browsing on Bloesem. It's delightful. Happy 100 posts!