4 May 2008


What we didn't get:
- Ayurveda
- Thai massage
- LaStone treatment
- Sauna
- Seaweed and mud packages
- Thalasso
- Haybaths
- Dr Kneipp
- Macrobiotic food
- Light and aromatherapy

What we got:
- Sun on our faces
- A view, and another one, and another one
- Smell of pine trees under the warm spring sun
- Nutella
- Stars, stars, stars
- Good conversations
- Wine and speck
- Stories
- Dust, mud, grass, spaghetti sauce and a warm shower

Wellness for the soul.


macati said...

seems everything very healthy to me, especially the nutella part!!! wish I were there too!!!

Little-Z said...

What beautiful pictures! Especially the pink flower (what? the one with the nutella round her mouth?)

Sounds deliciously relaxing - much better than boring packages and so called wellness.

And nutella vs. macrobiotic food.... mmmm... keuzes - keuzes :P

Nic said...

thank you for that smile on my face right now! :o)))