28 May 2008


from me to myself. I just couldn't resist this card. I bought it weeks ago - long before the actual date, and it has been standing on my desk ever since. Everytime I see it, I giggle.

I think it says that it's good that I'm still not grown-up. That's what I think.

PS: The card says: "Birthdays are great as long as you're not grown-up. After that, it's going downhill."

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Fledgling said...

"gets Berkap"!

Let me wish you so much happiness. I've said it before...and I'll say it again...

The good thing about getting older, is not that you get to be what you want necessarily, but you DO get to be who you ARE.

Happiest birthday, full of cuddles, wonderment, rays of sunshine, fresh raspberries, the perfect pair of shoes on sale, a bird on your balcony, romance, adventure, learning, greeting cards in the mailbox, the smell of warm rain, a friendly wave from a neighbor and so much more.