16 May 2008

Funny food

There were two things we were never allowed to do as kids. Well...there were a couple more here and there, but my mother would get really angry if she saw us:

1. Play with food
2. Waste food

My mum was 8 when WW II broke out. Our family was lucky in many ways, and although black beans where the main part of their diet for a while and my grandma was grateful for the extra rations she received (in return for quartering in some friendly canadian soldiers), food was never really short. But it explains why - and I personally think my mother is right too. War or no war.

Today however, we HAD to play. How can you not play, when you come across these...

It is I...inspector Clouseau!

I thought I bought strawberries, not frogfish!

Mrs Puffy was there as well...

We did eat them all afterwards...even Clouseau...well...to be true: We ate everything but Puffy's nose...But I can live with that.


Nic said...

diana, ich brech' hier gerade zusammen vor lachen!!!!

mich erinnert no.1 irgendwie an signor rossi....

:oD nic

Dibabo said...

Fishberries are more delicious than strawberries.
Because they make fun.
Or have fun?

It seems as if...


Fledgling said...

My Anna is giggling hysterically!

I think playing with your food is a good thing! I think playing is good in general...

Such homage, such tribute. Those sweet strawberries will not soon be forgotten. Nourishing in so many ways!


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