29 April 2008


I recently flipped through this great source of inspiration on one side, and merciless cause of "crafters-block" on the other side: Marie Claire Idées.

Looked at the japanese style belt, and heard my little inspiration angel saying:
"Why not? As long as you have a waist you should go for it. It's great for unusual fabric combinations. You'll have fun."

She hardly finished whispering, when that vile crafters-block devil raised his nasty, squeeky voice:
"Whoahahaaa, YOU wanna try that? It's got P-A-T-C-H-W-O-R-K, girl. Tiny pieces as well, if I see right. I don't wanna be a spoiler but eh....when exactly was the last time you did patchwork? Hmmm...yes, and...how exactly did the finished piece look back then? Right.
But, hey...it's your life...

Sweet angel in the mean time, patting me on the back:
"You go girl. You can always drop the patchwork part, and it'll look just right with that new skirt from Petramark. Oh, and do take the linen!"

She won. Of course it did turn out quite different, and I cursed (once) while making it, and wished for Peggy a few times. But I'm fine, my waist is happy. That's worth a lot.

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Dibabo said...

Waste for a small waist...