21 April 2008

tree of two worlds

Not far of where I live, stands this tree. In all it's whimsical beauty.

For me a symbol of my world today. Of a turkish neighbour who was born and grew up right next door in the heart of Rotterdam. Of the Carribean guy with the London accent. Of the Dutch girl in Bavaria who says "anrufen" instead of "opbellen" when she visits her home country. Of accepting that my girls will not call the land of "Pindakaas" and "Oranje" their home.

Choices are made, consequences happen and trees grow beautiful nevertheless - if they are given the chance, and if they take the chance.

Seems to me you can never judge a "Pappenheimer" by his name. Or appearance.


Little-Z said...

beautiful words! beautiful tree!

Fledgling said...

Love this metaphor! Love this idea: Bloom where you're planted.