18 April 2008

Small coincidences

Miss A. loves shoes. It’s not just that she likes them a lot; she strongly believes that the shoes you wear should express your mood at all times. Mere functionality and a comfortable fit are not taken into consideration, unless they make themselves annoyingly present (try to slip into a size 20 while you’re a size 24 or try to keep your feet warm & dry in open sandals on a chilly & rainy spring day).

Obviously this requires a lot of shoe changing and negotiating during the day.

Of course this also means, that each pair of shoes have their own vibe and are therefore especially suitable to wear for a certain activity. Like these slippers.

Her mom (read: me) already wore them in the sixties.
Their vibe says they are just right for watching TV in.

So does the sticker inside (I swear you: she can't read yet!).

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