2 April 2008

Best Things Part Seven/Teil Sieben

As they keep coming, those best things, I'll just keep posting them.
Today: Improvisation.

- "Staying put and do nothing" is not an option as horrible things would happen. (To name just one thing: Kid gets sick in a full underground compartment).
- However, you don't have what you need to get on with it and prevent horrible things from happening.
- You can't get what you need to get on with it and elegantly prevent horrible things from happening either. Not in a simple, straight forward way at least.
- You intuitively scramble to get control over the situation. As if.

Sounds familiar?

To some people this seems to happen quite a lot. To mums for instance. They stretch their skills, solve acute problems with random items lying around, take detours to "Solution Land" and end up somewhere fully unexpected, using a different approach than the one they thought best in the first place.

The improvisation thing is also much used by artists and inventors. They are really good. Less panic here and more discovery of new worlds, and soul lifting interpretations.

You shouldn't get too much of it, but improvisation certainly has its beauty, and, to be honest: Where would be without it?

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