12 April 2008


The sweet multitalent Lisette suprised me with a virtual award (Arte y Pico). The last time I won something vaguely resembling an award must have been at school sports. Those were the days I could run a couple of meters without having to lean heavily on somebody/something afterwards, snorting like a hippo with a nose cold.

This reminded me I should do some sports again (Isn't that what most awards secretly are about: Encourage you to keep up the good work. Not sit down, celebrate and get lazy?)

So today I told myself: "Diana get up and do some sports!"

I got up. At 7:00 am. (Note : Saturday morning is my "free" morning, usually spent on well deserved - at least that is what I like to think- sleeping, reading, sleeping and reading).

I went to the yearly, ginormous Frühlingsfest-fleamarket, and stayed for a 4 hours thrifting marathon. Bought just 1 thing (not on any of the pictures below). Good girl.

Who designed this?

Watch out! Alienzzzzzz...

Mr Bombastic. Tries to remember where he left his hat.

Thank you again Lisette! I'm flattered!

P.S: The award comes with rules, and I need to pass it on, and show the logo, but I'm tired and my feet hurt. Hmmm...don't know why that is....


Coccinelle said...

Ohh wow Flohmärkte!
Das ist ein Terrain dem ich nie widerstehten kann :o)

Priscilla said...

The seat/drawer combination is so.. special! I probably couldn't have resisted if I encountered it in the wild. Madness!