3 March 2008

Oh dear....

...it's been quite a week. Sometimes there is not much you can do. Just sit and be there. Hold a little hand. Immediately go back to hospital if something does not seem right.

Luckily everything turned out fine in the end, and Miss A. is back in old form.

As a side effect of all this, I (re)discovered the therapeutic and calming effect of knitting and was able to put that gorgeous but impossibly wide (8 cm) ribbon to use.

If we fall asleep on the couch or in the hammock now (which happens occasionally, ...uhhh...sometimes. Well....ahem...quite often...) we now rest our heads on cozy, non-itchy wool and Tuscan cypresses + orange trees.

Hmmm, sweet dreams of summer...


doro K. said...

alles gute für die kleine!
i hope she will get well soon.

ein schönes kissen...but only if it's really non-itchy woll. :-)
and it's a pillow with history - it will always remind you of time and place you have made it.

liebe grüße, doro.

Fledgling said...

OH, bless her little heart!

One day at a time. And a few extra "not-so-good-for-you" things to do some good for her. Comics, pink (or blue?) nail polish, ice cream at breakfast, Nutella from the spoon ;-)

Darling pillow. Also works for folks (me) who couldn't knit and pearl to save their lives, if they have a few old sweaters laying around ;-)

Take care,


macati said...

damn... wish you all the best and back to crafting!

Nic said...

das foto dieser kleinen hand rührt das herz... :o(

umso schöner zu lesen, dass alle gut ist.

seid herzlich gegrüßt!