7 March 2008

Fun Business Stuff

Choices, choices...I need to decide on the new Spring/Summer 2008 Collection for "Ribbons and Crafts". After all we're almost there, according to the calendar.
"Now, how hard can that be?", I hear you say. Well, harder than you think....

...so, maybe you can help me out a bit. Have a sneak preview, and if you like, vote for your favorites and get a chance to win 3 meters of ribbon of your own choice.

1 comment:

Fledgling said...

Hello Diana!

I like the "Pusteblumen", the swirls, the oranges and the poppies (but really just the orange ones ...).

It should be noted that my taste in things is rather uncommon (read: bad ;-)

And let someone else have the ribbon ;-)