30 March 2008

Best Things part six/Teil Sechs

My mother tongue.

I'm a language person. I love reading, writing, listening, talking.
Looking back at my secondary school exams, I see five out of seven subjects being about language and literature. Two of them even dead ones (but all the richer when it comes to art, history and philosophy). Well... I guess I just chose what I liked and where I was good at. Math and Chemistry were definitely NO part of that.

After living abroad for a while (is it more than 10 years already?) you realize that, however much you learn, practise and read, things are never going to be the same as with the language you grew up with.

The ease of expression, the choice of words, the flair and rythm of a sentence...getting this right in a foreign language will allways stay more difficult...and I won't even start on the difference between what's witty or funny to a Dutch person in general (and me specifically) versus what's witty or funny to the rest of the world.

At one point the thought even crossed my mind to switch to Dutch in this blog...it would make writing a post a lot more effortless. Not necessarily quicker or simpler but definitely more effortless. But then again, after a year, and with an English blog title. It just doesn't fit (anymore).

So, I happily stick to English and a bit of German, and use my Dutch for a comment or two in blogland, for my email ramblings to friends and family in NL, and for my shopping lists.


Ria said...

Gelukkig kan ik je dan iets in het Nederlands schrijven. Ik volg je blog al een tijdje, ben nieuwsgierig hoe een Nederlandse in Duitsland leeft. Vind de linten die je verkoopt geweldig mooi.
Ik hou van handwerken, speciaal van naaien, denk dat ik je zo gevonden heb.
En de charme van de blogs is toch ook het internationale hè? Ik volg een paar Amerikaanse vrouwen, maar ook een paar Nederlandse, een Deense, een Finse, een Engelse. Het brengt onze werelden zo veel dichter bij elkaar.
So keep going on, Ich mach das sehr gerne lesen.
Groeten, Ria

Fledgling said...

Ik kan ein beetje Nederlands. "Ik heb twee zware Kofer een en vriedelijker hond!"-- that was from a language tape from once upon a time: THAT phrase will come in handy, for sure! Oh, look! I've used it! Wonderbaar!

I know you'll likely cringe when I say that I can follow Dutch, because I speak German. Cringe as you must, you may write in Dutch as much as you like. Maybe I'll even find the humor. At least I'll have my fun pronouncing that uniquely Dutch "sch". Schrijve alsjebleift een het Nederlands...and explain to me why every second person in Holland is named "Wim" ;-)

Adieu, -N.

nicolette said...

I’m Dutch and started my blog in Dutch and English. I changed into only English within two weeks. I love how much I’ve learned in the past 11 months by reading blogs. Sometimes is hard though to express feelings or tell something funny in the right way.
Als ik Nederlandse blogs en commentaren lees vind ik het vaak zo geforceerd overkomen. Dat heb ik niet als ik Engels lees... Schandalig he?