28 March 2008

Best Things part five/Teil Fünf


Although "time" is a difficult one within the context of "best things are for free", I think it fits in somewhere.

Certain people might argue that time is money. My theory of the day says: Don't be fooled - this is only true because of the measurable work you can do in a certain amount of seconds, minutes and hours. Not because of the time itself. Time exists with or without us. It's a handy, free tool.

So, if you do nothing (like me today - see above) or if your work is not measurable (like mine today) time is just happening. Completely free. And why is it so good?

Because you can always say: "Remember that time in Toscane under the moon and stars, when you were supposed to do something romantic but fell of that small stone wall, and landed wih your bum in a bed of peppermint plants?"

In the end it slips through our fingers anyway.
Free time for all!

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Fledgling said...


Time. Yes, time. I spend too much time thinking about time. Physics has me freaking out, laughing and saying, but, of course. We only know time as that, which we can experience: This second. Then the next, when the other one is gone by and so on. The "now" is "all" we really experience. Really. But time is not like that, really. It twists and turns and bends back on itself. Stretches and rushes ahead and flips back on itself.

Physics have proven this, but we know this intuitively. Years pass like moments and yet moments stay with us for years, as if they just happened one second ago. The best thing is when you pick up a conversation with a friend after 10 years, right where you left off.

"When you are courting a nice girl an hour seems like a second. When you sit on a red-hot cinder a second seems like an hour. That's relativity." -Einstein.

See? Too much time spent on time.