18 February 2008


Smell is instinct. Babies smell good.
However, it seems to me, we constantly treat our sense of smell as an old, somewhat silly person. It's true, he is a bit sensitive and grumpy. At times.

"Who's that?
"Oh, that's Nose."
"What's he doing?"
"Uhm don't know really, he's just been around for ages. Sitting in the way, being sniffy about things."

We've been shutting good old nose up for a long time. First à la Versailles, to blend out the stench, and now, because we actually really believe the world should be smelling of antibacterial lavenderspray and Celebrity perfumes ááááll day. Poor Nose. I'd get allergic too if I were you.

No, I don't believe we should all smell of a pinguins' colony at breeding time, but how are you supposed to find the right partner and be happy ever after, if every girl smells of vanilla-musk body milk and every guy of axe spraycans?
How would you know it's time to open your windows, let in the fresh air, if your house permanently smells of "beach scented candles" or "sandalwood incense"? I mean, would you even recognize fresh air?

This much I know: My eye is a blender, my ear a dreamer, my touch too late. Its my nose who tells me to stay out of something.

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