13 February 2008

Sense and sensibility

That visit to the eye doctor got me thinking. Not a "O-my-what-if-I-turn-blind-or-something-freaky-else-is-wrong" panic kind of thinking. No, just thinking.

I see.
I hear.
I taste.
I smell.
I feel.
I'm connected.

Apart from that unchangeable snippet of "psyche" inside me, which makes me an individual, human being, I am changed every day. My senses "make" me, because of their biological, chemical and physical magic. Because of them I am part of this world and not of any other. And because of "psyche" I'm myself and not anyone else.

So this is the idea: five posts (and maybe six ;), each one about a sense.

Today: I see. An interesting one.

This is what I would normally see (without visual aids that is). Clearly a small, blond pixie running in the woods. I fear that, visually spoken, I'm not so connected. The good thing about this is that you (are allowed to) make up the missing info. That really does great things for your imagination. I profit from it every day.

This is (part of) what I see with (I have three more of those and a laser eye). Wrinkles and imagination and all.

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Fledgling said...

Hello Diana!

The eye is the camera, but your brain is the video tape, right? So your memories, knowledge, experiences and emotions, desires, fears and beliefs are the screenwriter, editor and the director.

What is that image? What is the reality I take from it? Is this--for my reality--a happy child playing in a beautiful forest primeval? Or do I ask, why is that child alone in a big forest? Who is taking care of her? Why is she running so fast? Is she running away from something? Somebody? Am I sentimental? Or am I fearful?

My reality is created--or I create my reality--maybe through choice, maybe not.

I think of art--for me--as anything specifically created to elicit an emotion or at least provoke thought beyond the image. The Mona Lisa--for me--cannot be art without the assistance of a art historian explaining what is provocative or significant. This masterpiece is--for my experience--too saturated with too many associations, mostly commercial, that I don't experience the art in the piece.

Interesting blog experiment. Let's see what realities you can create for hearing, tasting, smelling when you only have images and language to use ... Or do they have YouSmell.com yet?