2 February 2008

Last week...

...she turned 3.

And as I sit here, between the sticky remnants of a happy party, I realize baby times are over. Her favorite animals are the "Dippeledocus" and the "Turannusaurus Rex". She goes to Kindergarten carrying her Luzia Pimpinella bag all by herself.
At times she conspires against me with her older sister.

Before I know it, she'll be saying things like this. If I'm lucky.

Kiss for you Miss A.

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Fledgling said...

Oh baby girl!

I found a pair of new baby socks in the back of my 6-yr.-old's sock drawer today. These tiny little socks that were much too big and would slip right off, so I put them away for later.

Later happened so fast, I missed it.

Happy Birthday, Miss A! You make the world a happier place.

Congratulations, Diana! Done good.